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Antonio (Tizone) Street

                                                                 Platinum Producer Tizone has emerged on the scene in                                                                  Chicago, during a time when beat-juggling, scratching, transforming, and DJ battles were the craze. Tizone was determined at an early age to become a household name, he spent countless of hours studying and perfecting his skill. His craft and skills made Tizone stand out among the elite DJ’s in Chicago. His skill caught the eye of DJ Cooley who took Tizone under his wing and help him develop his skills as a DJ and producer. From the turntables to the MPC 60 a whole new era began. 

As a DJ, Tizone went on a tour with the Nappy Heads, the group that got their deal on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. He then started to connect with major industry artists: the late great Notorious B.I.G., Craig Mack, D.O.C., Sean Diddy Combs, Tupac, Dr. Dre and many others. After the tour, Tizone began to develop his younger brother, Lil Bud and shop the demo himself. With $50 his grandfather gave him, Tizone went to Atlanta to shop his demo. After returning home with the $50 he never spent, offers came from Teddy Riley and Keith Sweat. Deciding to sign with Keith Sweat under Elektra Records, Sylvia Rhone heard a verse Tizone rapped on off Lil Bud’s album and decided that they needed to be a group. Later the group moved to Island Records, where they received their first gold album for “Funky Sounds” off the “Don’t Be a Menace” Soundtrack. Tizone also had a rap verse on Keith Sweat’s self-titled album as well as producing the song “Chocolate Girl” which received multi-platinum status. He then started working directly with Legendary Mixing Engineer Peter Mokran, R. Kelly, Cheri Dennis (Bad Boy Records), L.T. Hutton, Twista, and many others on the album “Ghetto Wayz”. Their first single off the album, “Gonna Let U Know feat. Keith Sweat competed with Michael Jackson and the Nortorious B.I.G for positions on the top three spots on the Billboard charts. Lil Bud and Tizone appeared on Soul Train, Teen Summit and toured with major industry artists. Tizone focused on production and he began to master his skills of engineering, mixing and mastering, and programming. 

Tizone also worked with: Brownstone, Angela Winbush, Mary J Blige, Ki Ci and Jo-Jo, Kut Klose, Ol Skool, David Josias, Ron Isley,Strings, Avant, Nneka, and many more. Now veteran Platinum Producer Tizone is owner of Radar Recording Studio and Radar Recordz. Radar Recording Studio is where Tizone shares his knowledge with up and coming artists, producers, and engineers. Tizone uses his years of knowledge in the music industry to share with those passionate about their skill and craft.